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The elegance and exclusivity represented by silver can easily be discerned by its usage to commemorate special occasions are marked with glittering silver dining ceremonies. For the upscale institution, silver is the hallmark of fine service and high quality. Daily, esteemed organizations present valued patrons a meal tastefully acccented with silver. However, institutions must make decisions that retain the qulity of their establishments that also remain economical as it is tasteful. Silver flatware is easily restored to its orginal condition if properly maintained. The traditional silver used to commemorate special  events ten years ago can still be used today with pride. The alternative stainless steel lacks an elegant feel--specially after one or two years of use. Stainless, unlike silver is time consuming and expensive to fully restore to a "just like new" feel and look. The life expectancy of stainless is greatly diminished without routine maintenance and often, if it has gone too long without professional attention, can not be fully restored at all. The value and elegance of silver are both derived from its longevity. Silver retains its beauty and timeless style, making it the perfect represention of everything your establishment wishes to exemplify. 

Kaylee Janes


Club Managers Association of America
Greater Cleveland Chapter of Club Managers
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